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Title: i LOVE what i've forgotten


Author: Walkyria Whitlock

Illustrator: Eleyse Morgan

Editor: Erica Dansereau

Publication date: September 30, 2021
Publisher: Lorem Publishing House

MOBI ISBN: 978-1-7354503-0-8
EPUB ISBN: 978-1-7354503-4-6
HARDCOVER: 978-1-7354503-1-5
AUDIOBOOK: 978-1-7354503-3-9

Available In: ebook | hardcover | audio
Genre: Poetry and Prose


Enjoy a collection of poetry and prose to inspire and connect with any modern-
ist and day-dreamer by Idaho native Walkyria Whitlock.

Walkyria, from Magic Valley, started writing this book when she dropped out of school in 2013. She sold her car and moved to Fiji as she decided to follow her heart’s quest to travel the world.

Amidst the global lockdown in May of 2020, she took her time in isolation to start compiling her writing. In collaboration with her best friends, this book was brought to life. Enjoy some of the magic of the world, and find inspiration in your own story.

To inspire a greater appreciation for life, that is Walkyria’s mission. She hopes her soul’s words enhance your day in some way: through connection, comfort, or simply distraction. Sometimes, we need that too.

Feel these words read by the author. Some poems are spoken. Some poems are sung. The poems have been accented by Tyler Abromeit through piano and sounds of nature. The audiobook provides a uniquely lulling experience. Find it where audiobooks are sold.


Advance praise:

“I love your work. It’s clever, unique, and inspirational. Great breakfast reads. Be- fore I get out of bed in the morning, I read some of your poems. Very thought-pro- voking.”

-Nicole Liberty

“The intro was beautiful. You say so elo- quently what I feel in my heart but don’t have the words to say, so thank you... I shall look forward to the adventure con- tained on every page.”

-Beth Offolter

“Your words felt natural and they jumped off of the pages. When reading poetry, I often find myself trying to interpret how I am supposed to be reading the prose, but I didn’t experience that while reading your work... Thank you so much for sharing it with me!”

-Ryan Miller

“What a celebration of life! Life as it is, not as other poets and authors would like it to be. You are almost alone in that, I think, though I’ve been away from poetry for some years now, and thank you for bring- ing me back. As you say in an aphorism for which you have a gift: “You need not seek perfection as it exists in this very moment in everything.” -Ed Warner