Our Story

Welcome to the world of Lorem Publishing House.  We are a team of creatives who share a romance for life. We believe in the deep value that literature adds and wish to grow that celebration. Celebrate life through connection. Connect through literature.


Our mission is to inspire greater appreciation for life by connecting writers and dreamers around the world with stories that bring the feeling of light and inspire growth.



We envision a world united by respect of ourselves, each other, and the environment.



We are governed by Love through belief, gratitude, service, openness and inclusion, light heartedness, and innovation.



Our motto is "Celebrate Life. Live like the sun. Be a flower."



Because of our reverence for life, we care deeply about human rights and the environment as the greatest connections we have experienced have been through pure self-expression and the healing qualities of nature.

We love pairing with different charities that make a difference in these areas. We are currently partnering with a non-profit for Fiji that supplies learning materials and resources to rural schools in Fiji. 

We use Print-On-Demand services to minimize waste and make the most sustainable choices possible. Our swag material is inline with this, and we encourage consumers to make a difference with their purchasing power to carbon-offset their purchase and plant a tree. 

We love this world and the people in it.


Where Our Name Comes From

We got our name from filler text in a new document: 'Lorem Ipsum'. It is where you begin before you begin. The word lorem does not hold any particular meaning itself, but it comes from the latin word dolorem, which means pain. It is symbolic in how much of artistic creation is derived from pain, but what comes from it is entirely new and the art that is made has no specific meaning or definition apart from what the individual chooses to assign. That is the beauty of Lorem. It is transformation of something dark to light. It is unbiased. Its interpretation is open to all but has no singular definition. 


Our Team

Our team is a group of women who have been friends since childhood, which makes this writer want to sob tears of joy and gratitude.


Walkyria Whitlock


Walkyria Whitlock was born on July 28th in Magic Valley, Idaho and graduated in 2010 from Filer High School. For the first time, at only 20 years young, she left the United States to live in Fiji. Since then, she has lived in and traveled to over 29 Countries, while completing her first book, 'i LOVE what i've forgotten.’  A book of poetry, prose and a true Celebration of Life in its entirety.

Her personal mission is to bring more joy to the World with her daily practice of gratitude. As a meditation teacher Certified in Yoga Nidra plus her 200hr YTT, Walkyria has served as a Yoga Instructor and Stewardess on World traveling yachts over the past seven years. She has learned many habits and ways of thinking from the World's Top 1% and, believes she can help others achieve the same peace of mind and healing through meditation.

Amidst launching her first book, she recently received a Grant to start a non-profit organization while providing students, ages 12-18,  the ability to learn how to meditate through virtual reality. She believes peace in the World will be achieved first when we reach inner peace, and meditation helps us do so. She truly believes anything is possible, especially World peace.


Erica Dansereau


Erica Dansereau is from Magic Valley, Idaho. She is a dedicated mother, wife, and lover of Jesus. 

She discovered her deep passion for literature in high school from her favorite teacher. She strongly considered an education in arts but studied to become a surgical technician--attaining an even more stellar eye for detail. She left this job about five years ago to be a mom and pursue her passion for writing. Having written four of her own books, doing countless book reviews, and attending many writing workshops, she is an incredible editor with her meticulous eye for detail and great sense for the overall feel that the writer is trying to achieve.


Eleyse Morgan

Chief Design Officer

Ellie grew up on art. While packing her 'runaway napsack' at the age of 5, she included only art supplies (no food or additional clothing), and proceeded to sit on her driveway in a pile of paints, crayons, and papers, beaming at her good fortune. She started painting with watercolors at age seven and explored acrylics and canvas as a teen. Art has always been something special for Ellie- a passion she dedicates patience, time, and spirit to. A contributing artist for the annual Valentines for AIDS fundraiser at local Boise coffee house, Flying M, Ellie loves using her creativity to promote causes that she cares about. While in college, Ellie met Walkyria, and the two of them often decompressed at the Flying M, Walkyria writing and Ellie drawing. Over kettles of tea and indie music, a friendship blossomed and held strong through growing pains, time, distance, crazy ideas, and their first (and hopefully only) global pandemic!

When Ellie is not daydreaming, sketching, or making a mess, she stays busy with her day job in Public Health. Between the hours of 8-5, her brain is zero'd in on infectious diseases, statistics, and health education. Right now for Ellie, art time is a treasure, the crowned jewel of her many passions. Someday, when the light hits life's circumstances just right, she will start her own art business and let the spark ignite. Until then, she is so grateful to be included as the Doodlebug for Walkyria's poetry book- relax, enjoy, and drift away!